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Wondering when your MV aircraft will work in v5? As soon as LM release v5 HF2 we can begin work.

Unfortunately, we will have to charge for the updates (KA excepted), based on the work involved. PBR will be added to products that don't have it already.

Milviz announced their policy on upgrading their existing products to support Prepar3D v5. Today they've issued additional details:

For purchases made within the last 6 months, the upgrade will be free, (this includes the MD530PBR and KA350i).

For purchases made from our web site the fee will be $10 per product. This amount will be capped at $50 to show our appreciation to our loyal clients who bought more than five of our products.

For purchases made elsewhere, the fee will be $15.

V5 upgrades will be available from our web site only. In all cases, a proof of purchase may be required.







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