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Here's a quick update on our 146 Professional for p3d , with accompanying screenshots.

The development team are busy readying the 146 for its maiden flight as we approach the final weeks of the project.

Full GSX compatibility is currently being added, integrated with our custom passenger, door and cargo door controls for seamless ground operations, such as the option to either use the in-built stairs or GSX airstairs for boarding passengers.

The dynamic cockpit lighting system is now complete, providing a very immersive environment for low-light operations, with many different lighting configurations to chose from. We’ve also been busy finishing off the exterior lighting, featuring custom landing, taxi, turn-off and logo lights.

Many of the complex aircraft systems are now ready for flight, from the hydraulic system that features engine-driven and electrical pumps and a PTU, to the fuel system with transfer and crossfeed, electrical system with fully-simulated normal and emergency AC/DC power, and air-conditioning system that can struggle to keep passengers cool on a hot day with the doors open!

Recent additions to the cockpit shown here include the custom-coded FMS with Navigraph support, weather radar with Active Sky support and TCAS/VSI.




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