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Calling all Vintage Aircraft Aviators!

Today marks a major milestone for PILOT'S and the B314 Development Team!

PILOT'S, the well-known Austrian flightsim add-on developer and publisher, is pleased to announce that the long awaited aircraft add-on for P3Dv4.x and P3Dv5.x - "Boeing B314 - The Clipper" - has now been released and is immediately available at the PILOT'S Online Store.

Known as the absolute quintessential flying boat, the majestic Boeing B314 Clipper is an unmistakable icon of the flying boat era. Foynes, Ireland, well-known for its claim to fame for being the birthplace of Irish coffee during this time, served as an aviation hub between North America and Europe, and with the highly anticipated B314 from PILOT'S, virtual pilots too can now recreate the many Atlantic crossings that made the fleet of Pan Am Clippers famous.

Although none of the original 12 Clipper aircraft were preserved, the inspiration to create this PILOT'S study level representation of the B314 is to allow this majestic flying machine to yet again take to the skies, even if just to the virtual skies!

I would like to thank all of you that have been eagerly awaiting the B314 for so very long for your unfaltering patience. To all of our loyal customers that took advantage of our internal release offer, thank you kindly for your invaluable feedback in these past weeks. The complexity of simulating the various B314 stations, and at the same time making them manageable by one virtual pilot, was no easy task. I think we have managed to find a great balance between simulation and workload, especially when it comes to accomplishing a complex exercise like starting the engines, which in the real B314 required at least three aviators working in close synchronicity.

Please continue to keep your feedback flowing! We are also currently evaluating whether there is sufficient demand for having a B314 paint-kit made available, please let us know if this is of any interest to you.

Keep flying and stay healthy in these very difficult times.

Wishing you a great B314 experience,

Stefan Schaefer

This is the new official Trailer for PILOT'S Boeing B314 - The Clipper product for prepar3d v5 and prepar3d v4.5.




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