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Hi guys, sorry for the longer digital absence. Reason was not a social detox, but especially many todo's outside the hobby. Now just before Christmas, I wanted to take the opportunity and get you up again. A lot has happened in the last few months. First and foremost, of course, the developments around the new flight simulator from Microsoft. I'm not allowed to report much about it, but only the fact that Asobo / Microsoft is proactively catching up with input and feedback from the (developer) community is already a great sign. Of course we would like to make existing and new projects available for the new simulator. Whether and how this works will be shown in the next few months. We are definitely very excited about the preview version of the SDK (Software Development Kit) announced for January.

EDN Nuremberg for X-Plane: Somehow EDN seems to stand for long development times. But yes, the beta tests are already running. The scenery port makes the colleagues from Stairport Sceneries and already the first trial looked really great! I'm sure a release date can be mentioned very soon.

Computer Hannover for P3D and (?): Here the 3D modeling works are already very far ahead but unfortunately there is currently a (temporary) show stopper. Since Spring 2019, extensive reconstruction work has been carried out on the main terminals. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to perform a photo session on site so far. But this is essential for high-quality texturing. We are in touch with the airport and hope to catch up on the photo tour in spring 2020.

EDAH Heringsdorf for P3D: Our oldest scenery got a fresh 2020 update. Many users had wanted a better interaction with FTX Germany North, especially as far as the seasons modified by FTX in Germany. This has now been implemented, along with some other improvements. In addition, there are now significantly more 3D grass and vegetation and something could be optimized on the performance. Also minor bugs have been fixed: the static Cessna 208 and the tire abrasion on the runway are back on the unreal mesh edge at the northern airport has been fixed.

Now we wish you a wonderful Christmas. And now thank you so much for your great support in 2019!



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