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With Vulkan and Metal, X-Plane is now firmly in the driver's seat for VRAM management. This lets us eliminate stutters that were previously present with OpenGL and almost impossible to avoid. It has, however, one big and noticeable downside: when you run out of VRAM, you get blurry textures.

Of course the goal wasn't to replace stuttering with blurry textures, and we believe that given the normal work load of X-Plane, you should not be seeing this. The fact that so many users are seeing blurry textures, especially on big cards with lots of VRAM, points to the VRAM code being buggy in all the ways beta code can be buggy.



Coming Soon! The VSKYLABS Polaris AM-FIB Project v2.0.

This is a MAJOR update release which is including a brand new flight dynamics model, built and tuned for X-Plane's Experimental flight model environment.

Update v2.0 is also including improved 3D pilot and passenger visualization along with an option to include/remove the passenger 'on the fly' without the use of menus or pauses. The passenger is of course not only visualized, having effect on the flight dynamics, performance and handling of the Trike.

The update is also including a highly defined VR compatibility layer which allows VR operations with ease and intuitive controls.

The Polaris AM-FIB is an amphibian vehicle, equipped with landing gear for ground operations, and inflatable boat for water operations (or snow). In this short video, the VSKYLABS Polaris AM-FIB is being tested during some land-to-water and vice versa transitions, while heavy.



The scenery in the video is the wonderful PropStrike Studio Quatam River, to be found here.


Scenery developer Windsock Simulations are shown off some preview shots of their next X-Plane project: Barcelona (a conversion of Simwings Barcelona).

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! We would like to announce our next project...which as most of you have already guessed, it is Barcelona! Here are a few work in progress shots, there is a LOT of work to do yet, so it's going to be a while, but we wanted to confirm the rumors! Stay safe everyone!




  • Copenhagen Kastrup International (EKCH) Airport Addon
  • Airport modeled with PBR materials (P3Dv4&5 and XPlane)
  • 3D bridges, Animated vehicles & trains
  • Sloped airport terrain (XPlane only)
  • Copenhagen city fully modeled
  • Hand-placed vegetation, and 3D lighting
  • High Resolution surrounding Photo Scenery with custom mesh
  • Dynamic lighting, animated Jetways and VDGS



ell, that was something. I had a very nice post written up last week on the state of beta. We had spent a week very carefully trying to improve stability and then...beta 5 exploded on the launch pad.

So...let’s try this again. But before we get into beta 6, a few graphs:


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