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FS98 Scenery--New Berenice Int'l / Ras Bana Air Base
FS98 Scenery--New Berenice Int'l / Ras Bana Air -0
MSFS 2020 Scenery--Dornoch Firth Bridge (Scotland) v1.0.0
FSX Sopwith Cuckoo
FSX Sopwith Cu-2
FSX Sopwith Dolphin
FSX Sopwith Dol-3
FS2004/FSX KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 777-9 PH-BZA
FS2004/FSX KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 777-9 PH-4
P3D v4/v5 Amaszonas Embrear 190 FSPXAI
P3D v4/v5 Amaszonas Embrear 190 FS-5
P3D v4/v5 Air Incheon Boeing 737-800WLSF FSPXAI
P3D v4/v5 Air Incheon Boeing 737-800WLSF FS-6
FSX Lockheed Super Constellation Update
FSX Lockheed Super Constellation Up-7
X-Plane EC-KSO
X-Plane EC-8
FS2004/FSX Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-9 HZ-AKD
FS2004/FSX Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-9 HZ-9
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Traffic Global for X-Plane 11 adds high quality AI aircraft in authentic liveries and will full 3D sound and lighting and effects. It comes with 65 aircraft types and over 860 liveries and is simple to use. This new update is a collection of fixes and improvements, and the addition of improved support for real-world weather including direct integration with ActiveSky XP.

Changelog v1.0.9997

There is also a readme "Resources\plugins\Traffic Global\Resources\AIFP Readme.txt", with details of some new features to help AIFP users create new schedule files. This was added last-minute so is not in the full manual.


For Windows, simply run the installer. There is no need to manually uninstall beforehand. For Mac, please remove the "Aircraft/Traffic Global" folder before unarchiving since aircraft names may change over time, and unpacking an archive does not remove files that should no longer exist.

If you have replaced your traffic file (.BGL) you will need to check the replacement for yourself; the traffic file changes with almost every release and will be updated or replaced if it is changed or missing.


This build has been tested against X-Plane 11.51, the latest available at time of writing, and works against each in both OpenGL and Vulkan/Metal modes on both Mac and Windows.

Changes In This Release

  • Fix a rare crash when removing aircraft types
  • AI were not appearing on X-Plane 's map if map integration was disabled
  • Add simple weight-based rules for tail numbers in Germany with possibility to add more later
  • Add ability to exclude specific aircraft and easier setup for AIFP.
  • Register X-Plane map layers if TG is disabled and re-enabled.
  • Updated German translation
  • Fix tuning of 8.33KHz airport frequencies from 25KHz radios
  • Fix performance drop with Flight Factor A350 and potentially others
  • Add option to disable Traffic Global when the "RELEASE_AIRCRAFT" message is received from another plugin instead of just disabling TCAS
  • Fix a rare crash when calculating taxi routes
  • Change the radiobutton appearance slightly to make it more different from switches.
  • Several aircraft types had incorrect wingspans affecting where they could park.
  • Enable/disable network settings if the dialog is open when the PC is switched between master/slave config.
  • Fix rare potential crash when loading certain airports
  • Many airliners had incorrect 'heavy' designation
  • Parking reservations may not be updated fast enough after moving aircraft to a new airport.
  • Aircraft may be created on go-around instead of simply further along the route when congested airports are populated.
  • Don't adjust the traffic density if the AI thread is getting 60FPS or more, even if the visual FPS is way higher.
  • Add on-screen indication of SAM and ActiveSkyXP status in Extended Info
  • After doing a full traffic reset, also clear all airport weather to allow flow changes to happen instantly.
  • Taxying airline traffic are better distributed on initial startup.
  • Fix a potential crash when radio-calling airports removed due to having no parking or runways
  • Performance improvement when drawing labels
  • Use ActiveSkyXP weather when appropriate
  • Optionally read METAR from disk when real-world weather is selected and ASXP isn't running
  • Add keyboard shortcut to fully reset traffic
  • Add ability to type an ICAO code into the flight plan view to zoom to that airport if it's nearby.
  • Gear-up animations have different durations per aircraft type
  • Fix duration of many gear-down animations
  • Stop GA potentially using airline parking when assigned on the first frame.
  • Flow arrows on the flightplan window would not change when the flow changed, until the view magnification was changed.
  • Add on-course headings for runways to flightplan view.
  • Improved workaround for multiple runways having no preference/on-course heading differences
  • Use icons instead of dots on the flightplan view.
  • Make labels work in VR (Windows only)
  • Fix a number of seemingly random crashes
  • Reset GL point size after use to help other plugins that only set it on initialisation
  • A configured replay buffer would always be 1Gb after restarting X-Plane
  • Could rarely have a corrupt start-time and altitude when creating GA flights
  • Fix occasional planes moving in a straight line at strange angles even in pause mode, after the sim has been running for some time
  • Write out a dummy flight school file if none exists.
  • Fix networked external visuals continually resetting
  • Fix Cessna Grand Caravan having lights offset from model centre
  • Add new dialog to customise GA generation settings
  • Try to reconnect to external PCs that couldn't initially be connected.
  • Pilots of non-prop GA aircraft (jet, turboprop) have significantly higher skill levels and so are more likely to fly at night or in bad weather.
  • Add Escape as a hotkey to all windows to close them.
  • Allow windows to be opened/closed using the mapped key even if a window currently has keyboard focus
  • Aircraft taxying out to a runway with a displaced threshold and multiple viable entrances could under some circumstances make the final leg of the route unusable for other aircraft.
  • Aircraft on go-around will clear the runway line sooner
  • Allow aircraft on runways to taxi faster
  • Airborne GA were located too close to airports when the sim started
  • Taxying aircraft could get too close on 90 degree corners
  • Aircraft on runway exit legs are waiting even though they're heading away from the runway.
  • Aircraft are still waiting for others directly above the runway on go-around.
  • Add radar option to exclude aircraft on the ground
  • Aircraft on departure or go-around could occasionally force landing aircraft to go-around even if the runway was clear
  • Reset button on the Label Config dialog did not reset ranges or colour.
  • Circuit direction (i.e. left-hand or right-hand) could be incorrect under certain wind conditions at multi-runway airports

About Traffic Global

Traffic Global for X-Plane 11 provides high quality animated AI aircraft models in authentic liveries and with full 3D sound and lighting and effects. Installation is simple and the software is ready to run "out the box".

Traffic Global comes with 65 aircraft types and over 860 liveries covering most of the world's airlines. Over 600,000 flights are included by default and these cover more than 3,000 global airports with complex, multi-point, multi-day flight schedules. New or altered aircraft liveries can be easily added and do not require any additional configuration.

Traffic Global loads everything in the background and is usually ready to go as soon as your flight starts. Even with hundreds of AI aircraft on screen and more being simulated nearby, simulator performance is barely affected.

The AI aircraft respond to the movements of your aircraft as you move around an airport and the software is compatible with all third-party airports. Seven new controllable external views allow you to follow individual AI aircraft and three new control windows are also included: a radar display centred on your aircraft, a flight board which is switchable between all nearby airports and a flight plan display showing nearby airports, taxiways and flying aircraft.



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