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Update regarding my hand, So after visiting the hospital today ive been told I must wear a sling and a cast for two more weeks as my hand has not healed as quickly as expected after my operation. So as a result wizzsim will be updated slowly and as much as I can while my hand heals and I will again provide another update 2 weeks from today. Regards Matt.

VSKYLABS Details Test-Pilot: Hopper Project X-Plane

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OK now it is official. The VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': Hopper Project for X-Plane by laminar research (work in progress) is listed now in the VSKYLABS 2021 releases road-map. The project introduces a highly realistic hot air balloon simulation in the form of a powered 'Hopper' vehicle (a single seat hot air balloon). All hot air balloon physics, systems and elements are being simulated.

Here are a few screen shots showing the evolving 'Production' prototype. Stay tuned for the *PERFECT* upcoming X-Plane educational / scientific project!


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