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VSKYLABS Announces F-4 Phantom II For X-Plane

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A study-level VSKYLABS F-4 Phantom II simulation for X-Plane by laminar research is cooking here at the 'labs! Detailed systems simulation and highly accurate performance and handling qualities will set you on the pilot seat of one of the most iconic aircraft ever made!

Indeed, X-Plane is not a combat-simulation. But will not have time for war-games...Flying the VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': F-4 Phantom II FLP in X-Plane will teach you how to operate the F-4 Phantom II from Preflight to shutdown. To get familiar with its deep design aspects, all of its systems...its flight envelope and much more. Learn to takeoff and land as a real F-4 pilot, execute climbing profiles to 60,000 feet / Mach 2...practice real-world-F-4 emergencies, heavy configurations...and in general, how to fly the F-4 just like a real world F-4 pilot.

More details will be posted in the very near get ready for action!




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