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Update 1.0.5 for the Grob G109b is now available via the Skunkcrafts Updater plugin; changelog is as follows:

Update 1.0.5

  • Added Axis Control for Prop Feathering Handle - use this by assigning an axis to the 'Prop' control and turning on axis control inside the settings page of the GUI Tablet
  • Added Airshow Particle FX (wip; Sparks + Smoke + Airshow Livery Fuselage Lighting FX) - access via the 'Airshow FX' app on the tablet
  • Added Ground Services App (includes ability to toggle Static Elements on/off)
  • Added Variometer & Variometer sound
  • Fuel Mixture Logic overhauled & improved
  • Fixed Tablet Light cast not switching off with tablet
  • Fixed G-meter reset button not working correctly
  • Landing Lights made brighter & more effective
  • Cockpit lighting made bright & more effective to allow night flying
  • Fixed Flight Timers not tied to 'Main Spark' circuit breaker
  • Fixed Engine hours counter not tied to Generator CB
  • Fixed Rough Idle
  • Fixed Electrical issues at idle



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