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X-Plane Latest News

Flight model engineering and flight testing phase has reached its target goals, and the VSKYLABS Aeros-2 Trike is now a tight and robust, highly defined hang glider trike simulation.

The VSKYLABS Aeros-2 is tuned to demonstrate authentic performance and flight handling characteristics, throughout its operational weight configurations. Loading the trike with additional back-seat passenger is also incorporated into the flight dynamics model to include the additional weight and needed drag.

The VSKYLABS Aeros-2 is demonstrating authentic ground and in-flight handling qualities which are allowing typical, yet precise control of the trike using a true-to-life wing tilting and weight shifting combination. Trike nose attitude in level flight, during takeoff and landings is allowing to perform a smooth and controllable "wheelie" during the ground roll.

Stall characteristics of the hang-gliding flex-wing is of course incorporated into the flight model. The VSKYLABS Aeros-2 is stalling like a trike and not like a conventional aircraft. In addition, tumbling and spirals are "awaiting" around the corner, in the case of careless flying.

The VSKYLABS Aeros-2 is also featuring a ballistic parachute rescue system, designed to follow the general envelope of the Magnum 450 Rescue System.

The VSKYLABS Aeros-2 is fully operational in VR. Due to the existing limitations of touch controllers versus actual aircraft configuration (for instance, the use of a foot-toe lever for throttle control in a real trike), an alternate yet intuitive control layout has been configured for VR:

Left hand (left touch controller) - this was found to be the most comfortable for a "sticky" interaction with the control bar. The right hand can be placed on the virtual bar as well (the entire bar is a "hot" touch zone).

Right hand (right touch controller) - to be used freely to manage the virtual cockpit, and also to manage the manual hand-controlled throttle.

Of course, VR can be operated by any hands combinations...

The head of the front pilot is invisible, and the trike can be flown with a visible reference for the hands, body and legs.

The project is getting tighter and the release is expected to happen within September 2019!

Stay tuned!


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