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X-Plane 11.40 Beta-1 is here now.

This is referred to in the video at source as beta-3 because it is the third version of 11.40 that has been released, but the installer calls it beta-1 because it is the first full public beta!

So just get your installer from X-Plane.com if you have not already and run it WITH THE BETA BOX CHECKED and you will get 11.40b1 which is the latest as of this writing.

Note for Steam users: This is expected to be available for Steam users in a day or so. Steam always runs a few days behind because testings is done with core customers first and then only leak it to Steam when it works.

Release Notes

  • Stall is now TRIPPED and you really have to lower the nose to recover the non-separated flow, as per reality; this really drops a wing more in the stall!
  • Rotor bouce back in ground effect now modulated by forward speed, which is cool and causes a little bit of settle as you start to get going before ETL.
  • Thermals for gliders are found per element now, so the glider raises a wing in the edge of a thermal.
  • New wind PROFILE from wind sock to ground; this is from data on wind above ground carefully compiled for wind turbines! So while the metar or real weather or other weather setting sets the wind at 10 meters (the wind sock height), the profile from that down to the ground (by definition 0 for the atoms touching the pavement, and a curve in between) follows the wind turbine wind profile model.

...and a whole lot more. Go to the source for more information and video

Experimental Flight Model Changes In X-Plane 11.40 

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