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As you know Wizzsim has not been updated for a while.


Basically I am getting married which has caused a great deal of stress for both myself and my partner, lets just put it this way it can only happen to us everything that can go wrong has and when I mean everything I mean our wedding planner, our cake maker, the venue, our DJ have all let us down, half the guest's cant come even though we gave a year in advanced notice. We now have just over a month too fix and sort out our wedding from complete disaster. 


Getting Married is stressful enough but when everything goes wrong so near to the wedding the stress is almost unbearable


Wizzsim will be updated in due cause but I wanted to explain why and now you know.

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FSX/P3D Air India Boeing 747 FSX/P3D Air India Boeing 747-400

FSX/P3D Air India Boeing 747-400, registration VT-EVB. The package contains textures of Air India VT-EVB livery for the payware PMDG B747-400 QOTS II in two color variations, which is yellow and white fuselages. To be only used with PMDG 747 v3 QOTS II. By Captain Gunadeep.

airindia_pmdg747v31 airindia_pmdg747v322 airindia_pmdg747v333
airindia_pmdg747v344 airindia_pmdg747v355 airindia_pmdg747v366
Created Saturday, 07 December 2019 07:22
(3 votes)
Downloads 620
System Prepar3D
Size 48.83 MB

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  • Xometry BIKF Announced For X-Plane 11

    Xometry has recently announced their latest project, Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport (BIKF) for X-Plane 11. Discover Iceland's biggest and busiest airport serving the American and European continents. Coming soon. Keflavík Airport (Icelandic: Keflavíkurflugvöllur) (IATA: KEF, ICAO: BIKF), also known as Reykjavík-Keflavík Airport, is the largest airport in Iceland and the country's main hub for international transportation. The airport is 1.7 nm (3.1 km) west of Keflavík and 50 km (30 mi) southwest of Reykjavík. The airport has three runways, two of which are in use, and the airport area is about 25 km2 (10 sq mi). Source
  • ToLiss Previews WIP A340-600 For X-Plane

    ToLiss Simulation Solutions have previewed some WIP images of their A340-600 project for X-Plane 11: Let's kick off the A319 and A321 launch anniversaries with a long awaited update on the upcoming A340-600 project. Here are some images of the work in progress and a short status: The cockpit 3D model is completed The cockpit texturing and animation is in progress Exterior model is in progress The systems simulation is in progress with initial performance and handling tuning completed The target delivery date will be in the second half of 2021 A big thank you to Ekran Design, our official A340-600 3D model designer. Source
  • VSKYLABS Update on ATV for X-Plane

    VSKYLABS ATV (Advanced Terrain Vehicle) Project for X-Plane by Laminar Research. Project development is now focusing on VR operations and on developing a custom-made power transmission gear system emulation, for replicating the power gradient/distribution along engine's RPM (emulated moment) during 1st/2nd/3rd/4th gear shifting emulation. WAIT! IS THIS THE INCREDIBLE X-PLANE 11 FLIGHT SIMULATOR? (yes!). Stay tuned for more! Source
  • OBD Software Updates Wings Over Flanders Fields

    We have released an update for Wings Over Flanders Fields Between Heaven & Hell II to bring it to V1.19. This update has quite a few good new improvements and fixes, so well worth checking out. Please see the WOFF BH&H II download page on our web site for more information, or to download. WOFF BH&H II CHANGE LOG: Version 1.19 4 January 2022 Changed weather cloud system to reduce the frequency of dark and light clouds being mixed. Aircraft stats page is now a window, not full-screen. Revised City Surrounds and City Center alpha masks. Revised Vehicle lighting. Revised Saturated clouds and cloud lighting. Revised Sea Bias and fixed an issue in Facility Lighting. German fighters will no longer engage, and will break off a fight if too far over enemy territory (2km) in campaign mode Note: AC will always defend themselves if attacked! Allied fighters will no longer engage, and will break off a fight if too far over enemy territory (7km) in campaign mode Note: AC will always defend themselves if attacked! AI fighters will no longer attack landing AC for fear of ground guns, nor will they pursue enemies deep into enemy territory if they are running. Improved 'go home descend' altitude validity checks. Improved AI Ground avoidance in hilly terrain. Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause damaged AC to circle 'endlessly' in GA mode. Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause GA mode to affect ground strafing and or balloon attack. Fixed an issue at certain airfields that caused AI to collide with trees in proximity to the landing area. Progressive AC system damage is now a function of AC speed where applicable. Improved thunderstorm sounds (thanks to Creaghorn). This patch of course also includes all previous updates, so you only ever need the latest update to be fully up to date. Remember, if you use MODS in your install, then please uninstall them before installing the patch. Also do not necessarily re-enable them. Source
  • Just Flight 146 Professional X-Plane Update

    Busy but exciting times from the X-Plane camp - we're currently in the final stages of the development process for the 146 Professional X-Plane version and are aiming to have it released fairly soon. Our dev partners Thranda Design have done a splendid job on the coding side and as such we have updated the product specs on the website. Well worth a read to see the extensive feature list along with the very detailed description. You'll note that the base pack will now include eight variants as opposed to the originally planned three! Those anxious about which FMC will be included will be happy to learn that we're currently having a custom coded FMC developed by Javier Cortés (FJCC) for integration as soon as possible after release. The initial release will see the 146 come armed with the fully functional default FMC. Here are some recent screenshots and we'll be adding as final set to the product page within the next week or so. Source
  • Windsock Simulations Update On Bergamo LIME V2 XP

    We have been gone for a little while having a rest from scenery design over the holiday period, but today we would like to announce Bergamo LIME Airport V2, with our partners Tailstrike Designs. The airport includes the extended terminal, as well as extended north apron of the airport, and will include all the usual things such as SAM gates and PBR ground textures. We are entering beta this week, and hope to get the product out for you soon! Orio al Serio International Airport, branded as Milan Bergamo Airport, is the third busiest international airport in Italy. It is located in the municipal territory of Orio al Serio, 3.7 km southeast of Bergamo in Italy. The airport is 45 km (28 mi) north-east of Milan, where it operates alongside Malpensa Airport and Linate Airport, the city's other two primary airports. The airport served almost 13 million passengers in 2018. Source
  • Aerosoft Updates CRJ Professional for P3D v4/v5

    Aerosoft has released an updated version for their CRJ Professional for Prepar3D. The update includes a huge list of fixes and improvements. Regional jets are great for flightsimming as their shorter flights mean more takeoffs and landings which are the most interesting part of the flight. The package includes the CRJ 550, 700, 900 and 1000 models. Changelog Fixed FPLN page Flt No entry Fixed GPWS mode 4A conditions Fixed DIR INTC line on MFD Fixed ice detection and test Changed DC Service switch to OFF for all states/I19L approach Added RWY UPDATE function to FMS Changed EFB "INIT PAYLOAD FROM AIRCRAFT" to "INIT FUEL FROM AIRCRAFT" Added cabin oxy masks manual release Extended entry for FL/TRANS on DEFAULTS page 2/4 to allow all combinations of FL and/or ALT IDG Reconnect now resets the IDG pushbutton position Glideslope diamond changed to blue if nav source is an FMS Removed Lufthansa limitation for FLT NO on 3L / 5R selection Fuel Pump Logic fixed Added multiple chimes on startup in P3D Fixed triple chime sound not playing Fixed GLD manual mode conditions Change (VECT) from HdgToMan to FixToMan Removed duplicate discontinuities Fixed MFD data extra fuel calculation Added (VECT) and disco when selecting VECTORS approach transition Fixed calibration window value display for throttle axis #2 Improved mode switching from ALT/ALTS to VS/SPEED/VNAV modes Fixed flaps settings condition for TO/GA mode in MSFS No TCAS announcements right after takeoff VNAV profile calculation improved CLB/DES/IAS Hold improved DELETE now properly deletes FLT ID on FMS RADIO page DELETE now deletes ETD on FMS PERF INIT page 3/3 Fixed distance, fuel and time calculation for new ALTN fpln FPLN page automatically switches to page 2 after entering a waypoint with LSK4R DISCOs can now be deleted with the DEL key Added a button to EFB Performance page which allows to re-initialize the calculation with current aircraft weights ADG propeller animation improved Fixed BTU not really off when selected OFF Fixed a condition where an (INTC) leg at the beginning of a procedure segment could result in a CTD Fixed a display problem for Crs to Fix legs on LEGS page Fixed an issue where VNAV would cut off after changing the flightplan Fixed a bug which caused auto trim to correct after takeoff for flaps settings made before takeoff ALTN airport is no longer automatically added to ALTN FPLN Flightplan files now contain waypoints for the alternate flightplan Fixed PFD low speed cue FMS Control no longer shows SELECT SYNC MASTER RTU now shows squawk code as default PACK FAULT no longer shows when bleed valves are set to closed Fixed DISCONTINUITY text color from green to white Fixed missing RW before runway ID on departure page Fixed fuel boost pump switches reset to OFF after cold&dark Reduced blinking speed of master warning and master caution lights Pack OFF Lights fixed to now only light when a) pressed in and b) no bleed air available and c) engines not starting Fixed a CTD in flight plan sequencing Removed L/R PACK FAULT EICAS messages when packs are off Fixed TO/TO conditions and PFD messages/flags Fixed entering first leg on FPLN page when ALTN airport is selected Fixed editing of ALTN LEGS page Fixed fuel, time and distance calculations for ALTN fpln PERF INIT ETA calculation now uses ETD on ground, if entered (current time, if not entered or airborne) Step button now pages through EICAS 2 pages GLD spoiler efficiency fixed APU startup condition from "Turnaround" and "Ready for Engine Start" states fixed Fixed CTD caused by flightplan drawing function PFD Throttle hint now also shows REV GLD manual mode implemented GLD doesn't retract anymore when reverse thrust is set EFB Brightness re-enabled Enabled Stall Test while airborne (without stick pusher) Assigned TAIL WHEEL LOCK shortcut to Stab Disconnect (Shift+G) Finally fixed that stupid nose gear light for good! (Note that I didn't use the F-word here!) Increased the acceleration for all FCP knobs FA "Takeoff Abort" annunciation inhibited below 45 kts ground speed Added Flight ID to FMS RADIO PAGE 2/2 Incorrect distance calculation on (INTC) legs Added multiple-chime sound battery connect Fixed oxygen mask tests overwriting each other Refuel/Defuel Panel now fully operational Text size fixed on EFB Options page 3 Parking Brake fixed Fuel temperature change fixed and rate increased FMS Arrival page headers FMS Departure page headers Oxy mask test knob press causes blinker to blink too now (for SOP compliance) FMS DIR INTC text colors Approach sort order on DEP/ARR page NWS no longer armed in Turnaround state IRS alignment fixed Several changes to ALTN LEGS page Mode S transponder indications for RTU Fixed POS INIT page 3 showing invalid coordinates if IRS is not aligned FMS Radio page now accepts NAV frequency input without "." Added invalid TOGA symbology to PFD LSK2R on FPLN page now puts ALTN airport into empty scratchpad Fixed adding FLT NO to scratchpad Oxygen now depletes on oxygen mask test. Button to refill crew oxygen added to EFB maintenance page Crew oxygen supply is saved to registration-related configuration file Initial FMS page changed to STATUS Remaining IRS align time displayed on POS INIT page 3/3 Added INTC CRS to MOD LEGS page Origin/Destination selection now properly clears selected SID/STAR/Appr etc. Approach and transition sequencing MFD window now shows the same fuel prediction as PERF INIT page 3 Added ETE and ETA predictions on ground on PERF INIT page 3 Implementation of LEGS ALTN page Added COM frequency entry without "." on FMS Radio page Added FMS CTL page SYNC/INDEP switching. Note that this is a dummy and doesn't have influence the FMSes behavior Improved detection of passed ToD after flightplan change DIR INTC page switching to LEGS page after selection Navigraph DLLs updated Missing Fonts added
  • Milviz Previews F4U Corsair For MSFS

    Milviz has taken to Facebook to preview their Vought F4U Corsair for Microsoft Flight Simulator. All they say about it is "work-in-progress" and "coming soon" but the pictures show that both the exterior and interior are fully developed. The Vought F4U Corsair is an American fighter aircraft that saw service primarily in World War II and the Korean War. Designed and initially manufactured by Chance Vought, the Corsair was soon in great demand; additional production contracts were given to Goodyear, whose Corsairs were designated FG, and Brewster, designated F3A. The Corsair was designed and operated as a carrier-based aircraft, and entered service in large numbers with the U.S. Navy in late 1944 and early 1945. It quickly became one of the most capable carrier-based fighter-bombers of World War II. Source
  • SimHeaven Updates Continental Packages For X-Plane

    Following on from their release of X-EUROPE v5.5 last week, simHeaven have updated all of their continental packages for X-Plane to version 1.2. Europe features among other things improved solar plants/fields. X-EUROPE v5.5 1-vfr: 3 new objects 3-extras: completely new (OSM data April 7th 2021) randomly placed solar modules by regular solar fields replaced 4-scenery: completely new (OSM data April 7th 2021) crane from quarry areas removed object low silo 5m added X-AMERICA v1.2 2-regions flags for USA and Canada 3-extras completely new (OSM data April 12th 2021) - randomly placed solar modules by regular solar fields replaced 4-scenery completely new (OSM data April 12th 2021) - crane from quarry areas removed - object silo low 5m added - cooling towers in 4 sizes X-ANTARCTICA v1.2 3-extras completely new (OSM data April 18th 2021) - randomly placed solar modules by regular solar fields replaced 4-scenery completely new (OSM data April 18th 2021) - crane from quarry areas removed - object silo low 5m added - cooling towers in 4 sizes X-ASIA v1.2 3-extras completely new - randomly placed solar modules by regular solar fields replaced 4-scenery - completely new - crane from quarry areas removed - object silo low 5m added X-AUSTRALIA-OCEANIA v1.2 Flags for Australia and New Zealand 3-extras completely new (OSM data April 12th 2021) - randomly placed solar modules by regular solar fields replaced 4-scenery completely new (OSM data April 12th 2021) - crane from quarry areas removed - object silo low 5m added - cooling towers in 4 sizes X-AFRICA TBD. Video showing what the scenery is capable of:     These scenery packages make the X-Plane world far more plausible, even more so when used with photographic scenery tiles. Source
  • Orbx Update on openLC Asia For Prepar3D

    Over on the Orbx forums, Ed Correia has provided a development update on openLC Asia for P3D. openLC transforms the landclass in your sim to better match the real world, and provides a much richer experience for details as you fly: Hi all, small update and new previews. Development is taking longer than anticipated as the P3Dv5 variant is needing a whole lot more work in terms of exclusion of secondary and tertiary roads. Without these exclusions, we are seeing a mass of minor roads cutting through our landscape textures which does not do it any justice. This is quite pronounced on the Indian subcontinent.   We are also ensuring that it will work with the Vector product being present or not so that is also increasing the workload. Nonetheless, Eugene is practically on this 7 days a week and this is no mean feat! The first area has also increased slightly in size (red shaded area) to make more efficient use of landclass textures. Source
  • X-Rotors AW109 v1.08 Preview Video XP

    Aircraft developer X-Rotors continues to improve their AW109 helicopter for X-Plane. The upcoming v1.08 will have improved rotor animation, as demonstrated in this just released video.   About The X-Rotors AW109 The new AW109 for X-Plane is a giant milestone in our production. Built from scratch under a completely new Blender-based workflow, the first release of one of the most missing X-Plane aircraft spot the VIP version of the classic Italian beauty, the Power Elite aka Ferrari of the skies. Features Rogerson Kratos NEO AV 500 EADI & EHSI with NAV (N) and BRG (B) functions Primary EDU with functional START and CRUISE menus Secondary EDU with functional MAIN and AUX menus Custom CAS advisories, cautions and warnings Helipilot, fuel management console and overhead panel with motorized PMS Realistic 3-axis autopilot with cyclic and pedal trim functions Bendix King array of functional radios COM/NAV 1 & 2, ADF, XPDR and Garmin 530 AeroTech LC-6 chronometer w/local time, UTC time, flight time and stopwatch functions Custom FMOD sounds package Extremely detailed 3D model with hundreds of moving parts and 4K textures 3D lights and PBR textures Fast installer and uninstaller for Windows, Mac and Linux powered by Amazon S3 Six corporate liveries included PSD template included to make your personal livery Reference guide included with instructions and checklists Optimized for X-Plane experimental flight model Installer for Windows, Mac and Linux included Ready for X-Plane 12
  • Orbx Releases Cityscape Sydney MSFS

    Available now on Orbx Central is the much anticipated update to Cityscape Sydney. Frank Schnibben has done a fantastic job with this update which adds a whole lot of new content to an already fabulous product. New content includes Luna Park (with animated ferris wheel), 3D cliffs between Bondi and South Head, added POIs to Parramatta, new ferry classes and Queen Mary 2. Source
  • IndiaFoxtEcho Project Update F-35

    F-35 project update (CTDs, carriers, Xbox release and other stuff). First, we are sorry for the lack of updates and replies to your comments - we have been very busy at work on several things, and we prioritize direct requests for help (either via private messages or emails). Close To Desktop Issues Let's start with the elephant in the room, that is CTDs. Unfortunately, after the initial claim by Microsoft that they were able to replicate CTDs on the F-35, their investigation did not lead to much. The latest report we have received from them (on F-35 build 1.0.1) is that "it is a very solid build [...] with no CTDs". This is CLEARLY NOT THE CASE in reality - as way too many users are reporting problems with this plane. And frankly we do not believe it is acceptable that a user has to fiddle with his/her configurations for hours in order to get it to work. The latest news, by the way, is that there are users who get rid of the CTDs by flying the T-45C first. On the other hand, there are many users, including Microsoft test team apparently, that have no problems at all with the package - which makes the issue even more puzzling. We suspect that the problems lie on the HUD/HMD code, and are restructuring it, getting rid of a everything which is not strictly necessary, We will also provide an alternate configuration which uses the F/A-18 HUD just in case. AS FOR DIRECTX 12 - A significant portion of the support request we receive for F-35 CTDs is linked to immediate CTDs with DirectX 12. As we said before, the DX12 implementation is a Beta and it is not compatible with the F-35. HOWEVER good news are that, according to Microsoft, this will be fixed in SU8. X-Box And PC Marketplace Release This are both on hold. While we have positive feedback on the last build, the CTD reports are still too many. We will resubmit the new build (1.0.2) as soon as it is available. Ford-Class Carriers They are ready for release except the manual... we expect them to be available for purchase shortly. F-35 Project Update The next build (1.0.2) will solve a couple of (minor) graphical mistakes, will feature a significant code cleanup of the HUD/HMD. By popular demand we are also increasing the engine sound volume. We do not have a release date for 1.0.2 but it is a question of days. We are also working on a major rework of the flight dynamics, with a proper implementation of FCS, but this will come at a later date. And What Is Next? We'll provide an update to our roadmap in a couple of weeks. Source
  • Aerosoft Announces World Of Aircraft

    Have you heard of World of Aircraft already? The standalone flight simulator series offers an easy introduction into PC based flight simulation and will soon be available on Steam and in the Aerosoft Shop. Each version of World of Aircraft will cover a specific area of flying. Part 1 of the series "World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator" is all about gliders.     WoA: Glider Simulator is set around a small airfield on the borders of the Rhine river in Germany (the Herrenteich Flugplatz was used as inspiration). This airfield is a typical small airfield. Very calm in winter but on fine summer days it is very active. From early morning flights to other airfields (Google '$100 hamburger' and you get some idea) to BBQs in the late evening. It is a place where you make friends and meet friends. Flying is a hobby for the people there. The covered area around the airport is 25,000 km2 and includes the river Rhine (no, you are NOT allowed to buzz the ships), a major bridge (again no, not fly under it) a few small towns and villages and one larger town, Speyer, that has its own airport you can use. It is also the location of the Technik Museum that has some amazing aircraft on display. You will see them when you fly around. Makes the approach to the Airfield Speyer Ludwigshafen rather special. SourceForum
  • Aerosoft News On CRJ 900/1000 For MSFS

    For the start of the week, we have got some new screen shots of the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC Aerosoft Aircraft CRJ 900/1000 for you. The CRJ 900 is on a flight from Trondheim-Vaernes to Alta. A very nice scenic route, isn't it? Source