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As you know Wizzsim has not been updated for a while.


Basically I am getting married which has caused a great deal of stress for both myself and my partner, lets just put it this way it can only happen to us everything that can go wrong has and when I mean everything I mean our wedding planner, our cake maker, the venue, our DJ have all let us down, half the guest's cant come even though we gave a year in advanced notice. We now have just over a month too fix and sort out our wedding from complete disaster. 


Getting Married is stressful enough but when everything goes wrong so near to the wedding the stress is almost unbearable


Wizzsim will be updated in due cause but I wanted to explain why and now you know.

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P3D v4 Scenery--LGBL Almiros Air P3D v4 Scenery--LGBL Almiros Airport

P3D v4 Scenery--LGBL Almiros Airport, Greece. Created with A.D.E. v177_6986. Included in this scenery is also the library "Airfield Essentials" and some static fighter models. Nea Anchialos National Airport. Amiros city in small city in central Greece (Thessaly) and this airport began operations somewhere around 1991, an airport for both, civilian and military as well, using the same airport but diferent runways of course. By Dimitris Mylonas.

lgbl_almiros_p3d41 lgbl_almiros_p3d422 lgbl_almiros_p3d433
Created Wednesday, 11 December 2019 08:33
(4 votes)
Downloads 333
System Prepar3D
Size 14.99 MB

Random News

  • DCS: Marianas Released As Free Map

    The Marianas archipelago is approximately 2,000 km south of Japan, and includes Guam, Rota, Tinian, Saipan, and a score of lesser islands. Home to Andersen Air Force Base on Guam, the Marianas serve as the key US strategic asset in the western Pacific. DCS: Marianas is a free map set in the present, with large airfields on each of the primary islands which consist of rocky and beachy shorelines, scenic cliffs, large cities, towns and villages, with dense jungle and open grasslands. The map also boasts unique ports, buildings and structures. The Marianas was also home to historic World War II battles between the United States and Japan, the most famous of which was the Battle of the Philippine Sea, with the Great Marianas Turkey shoot as the main aerial battle. Key Features Approximately 1,500 x 1,500 km. with large expanses of ocean for naval operations. Detailed and accurate depictions of the islands using our latest terrain technologies. The expansive Andersen AFB and the airfields of Rota, Tinian, and Saipan. A new combat environment, with stunning low level detail, yet to be seen in DCS World. New vegetation, structures and buildings, custom created for this map. Download for freeSource
  • Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 For MSFS 2020 v1.0.3.0

    Changelog v1.0.3.0 Changed ETA calculation to base on current UTC time instead of ATD Fixed NAV frequencies on MCDU Radio Page showing 0.0 after LOC tuned Fixed Coupled VNAV not initiating descent Limited range for PFD slip indicator Limited range for PFD flight director ETA calculation on MFD DATA FPLN Progress page ETA calculation on MCDU PERF INIT page 3/3 Improvements to GPWS mode 3 (altitude loss after takeoff) Improvements to GPWS mode 5 (below glideslope) Flaps/Slats EICAS animation corrected Flaps/Slats exterior model animation corrected Added custom glide path calculation Adapted GS Hold to custom GS Fixed wrong lbs-kg conversion in EFB ZFW input Removed duplicate PA "Remain Seated" after landing Added "Low cost carrier" mode for PA and FD announcements (no drinks, no coffee, no sandwiches) Increased volume for Gear Up/Down sounds inside the cockpit VNAV improvements. Better handling of intermediate level offs Fixed EFB ZFW input Fixed transparency issue with CRJ-550/700 LOD1 models Added functions to allow 180+ degree turns into a given direction Added reduced bank angle to MSFS version Fixed CF Leg drawing for right turns (Test case: EGHH/26 - EGHH/ILS26/BIA) Verified CF Leg drawing for left turns (Test case: EGHI/20 - EGHI/20/EAS) Last direct waypoint now disappears from DIR INTC page after the aircraft passed it Fixed route zig zagging Fixed bearing pointers Fixed missing SID-Enroute transitions at end of list Fixed wrong heading calculation if both longitudes on a track are equal Added support for hardware flaps axis Added support for hardware spoiler axis Fixed ALT mode switching to ALTS CAP instead of PITCH Added icao_xxx entries to aircraft.cfg Updated CRJ-550 model Custom Glideslope Hold Landing and takeoff behavior improvements in flight model Fixed arc and radius to fix drawing routines New throttle control mechanics via Simconnect Improved ground and flight spoiler effects Cruise performance fine tuned to new atmospheric model Take of rotation improved by modified slats/flaps behaviour and new V-Stabilizer calculation Improved flight spoiler to meet real world descent rates Improved ground spoiler effect for correct lift dumping effect at touch down Over all stability in flight improved to feel less wind and turbulence effects All flaps stages matching operating handbook reference data and are based on new flaps model Correct CoG empty display in modified UI UI Load stations with max value reference data Fixed (INTC) to Arc leg sequencing (GCFV/01 LORP4Q SID) Added arrow in flight plan display for arc legs (RF/AF) with the overfly flag set About The CRJ 550/700 Piloting commuter aircraft is most attractive for flight simulator fans that like flying according Instrument flight rules (IFR), but have limited time available to spend. Commuter aircraft servicing connections from smaller airports to the big hubs and vice versa and are intensive flying in the real world as well as in the simulator. A famous representative of this aircraft category is the Bombardier (nowadays Mitsubishi) CRJ line of 50 to 100 passengers. Originally developed to replace the more uncomfortable and noisier turboprop range in this class, the beautiful, sleek CRJ airliners were of particular interest to airlines wanting to offer jet feeling on short routes.
  • MSFS October 21st, 2021 Dev Update

    We would like to take a moment to say a big "THANK YOU'"to the community. Firstly, to those who choose to help with our pre-release testing efforts. We received great feedback from the Sim Update 6 Flight and are looking forward to the Reno flight that starts tomorrow. If you haven't signed up yet, click here to learn more. And of course, to everyone who participates in the forums, Discord, Reddit, and more: Thank you for being a part of the community! New information has also been shared on our upcoming Reno Air Races DLC, coming November 18th. Of course, this week we announced our upcoming Game of the Year Edition, which includes new aircraft, airports, missions, features, and photogrammetry cities all free for existing users coming this November 18th. More news has been shared on our recent Live Dev Q&A, which you can find in the Twitch section of today's update. Happy flying! SDK Update General Sim Update 6 is live! We found issues in the Project Editor that are already fixed for the next update. Below is some information about the issues: "Remove Package" & "Remove Asset Group" don't do anything. You will have to edit your Project and/or Package definition XMLs manually to remove entries. If you use the "Export for Community" function, a "MarketplaceData" folder will be mistakenly created in your package which will causes the validation to fail. As an easy workaround, build you package through the "Build package" button of the Project Editor and zip it manually if required. We received reports regarding the fspackagetool not providing feedback anymore upon running. The issue has been identified on our side. All those issues are fixed on the next update. Dev Mode We fixed an issue with the "Display Collisions" tool which didn't display the names correctly. Scenery Editor We fixed a crash on the Object selector that could happen after building the package. We fixed the floating taxipoints. We now prevent taxipath type changes to or from parking type. We fixed the search filters that no longer worked. Visual Effects Editor We added a StaticMesh node. We made major improvements to the Bezier Curve UX/UI. We fixed the duplication of VFX template references when opening effects for edition multiple times. Source
  • Supercritical Simulations Group Releases 747-8 v2.3

    Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) continues to improve their 747-8 for X-Plane with the release of v2.3. This update includes a long list of improvements and fixes to the external model, cockpit, systems, FMS, tablet and manuals. Version 2.3 of the 747-8 for X-Plane improvements and fixes include: External Model FPS improvements, especially in Vulkan/Metal but also works well in OpenGL. The complete external model was revised and many new UV fixes were made. Fixed an error where the magenta track was off-center when the ND range was set at less than 2.5 miles. Complete a new set of PBR textures. New custom-designed external lighting. Added Freighter main deck lights. Added working Ram Air Turbine (RAT) and logic/systems. Added electrical system dependency to certain cargo door operations. Added details to the landing gear. Improved particle system, including added fuel jettisoning and potable water draining. Cockpit Improved internal lights. Fixed CDU and general instrument brightness. Added crew lavatory to Intercontinental. Added crew rest to Intercontinental. Some texturing fixes were made. Added more button sounds and animations. Systems Added RAT to the hydraulic system. Added the second GPU for better system behavior. Updated the automatic connection between electrical sources and bus ties. Updated fuel, hydraulic, electrical, and other synoptic pages. Improved the EICAS advisory message behavior and reset button function. Added/revised fuel advisory messages. Added emergency lights message. Fixed engine #3 starting/shutdown logic. Fixed and revised the external lights system and its power sources. Updated behavior of the leading edge flaps and spoilers/speed brakes during all flight phases. Added pitch limit indicators to the PFD. Added fuel and electrical dependencies to APU starting. Updated the wiper system to include independent control and added the cycle time for intermittent settings. Updated some system sounds and added some new sounds for the improvements in this version. Updated caution warning sound. Fixed some manipulators such as vertical speed dial and autopilot disengage. Fixed flaps up command for VREF + 100. FMS Increased the route legs list to 25 pages. Fixed an error where the magenta track was off-center when the ND range was set at less than 2.5 miles. Improved Navigation Display (ND). Improved VNAV and LNAV logic. Fixed throttles when advanced, now if TOGA is pressed, the throttles advance from their present position. Fixed a bug that when STAR was changed, LNAV control was negatively affected. Fixed an error where the magenta track was off-center when the ND range was set at less than 2.5 miles. Fixed error when autopilot changed from FLCH to V/S mode and vice versa. New ND terrain display with automatic terrain detection. Improved holds to be more accurately flown. Fixed airways entering, which was not recognized in some situations. Improved the FD bars to be more accurate during takeoff and before autopilot mode connection. Improved steps as displayed on ND in MAP mode. Added green range arc during the climb. Fixed Index page with LK6 opening an incorrect page. Fixed some STARs that did not appear in the last DEP/ARR pages. Fixed the autopilot not following some SIDs properly. Improved stability with strong crosswinds. Tablet Fixed some click areas. Improved fuel load sequence to match real loading behavior. New details were added over the entire external airframe. Added "Cold and Dark" start options. Updated Manuals SSG 747-8 V2 Quick Start Guide.pdf SSG 747-8 V2 FCOM.pdf Source
  • Captain Sim Releases 777-300 For MSFS 2020

    Jetliners are one of the most demanded add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, so the release by Captain Sim of their 777-300 is sure to grab the attention of many. According to Captain Sim, it features a highly detailed model of the 777-300ER using 4K textures and including hundreds of realistic animations. The cockpit however apparently re-uses systems from the default 747. The 777-300 delivers a digital replica of the 777-300ER with GE90-115B engines wearing Captain Sim House livery. Exterior Highly detailed and accurate model of the Boeing 777-300ER 4K Ultra-High resolution textures Cabin with 3D windows, interior, stewardess and animated pilots Hundreds of realistic animations including wing flex Cockpit And Cabin Essential functionality paired with default 747 systems simulation Highly detailed and accurate model including complete passenger cabin High resolution textures Custom views including wing views Supports most features of MSFS 2020 (rain/icing effects, sound etc) Misc Features Standalone MSFS2020 expansion (no base pack required) ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor) with Updater Growing number of easily installable free liveries Sim Ops Source
  • DCS Previews Mosquito FB VI

    Originally conceived as an unarmed, fast-bomber, the Mosquito's mission profile broadened substantially during the war. We have focused on the most widely used variant which offered outstanding versatility to carry out virtually any offensive task. Considered by many as the most extraordinary aircraft of the war, this genius design truly is a Wonder in every respect.     Source
  • HPG Previews H145 Helicopter For MSFS

    With our Airbus H145 in full development we've started a weekly update series to keep the community informed of our progress. This week's video focuses on modeling work and the incredible detail that Tony and Guillaume are putting into each of the H145’s variants. We hope you enjoy this behind the scenes peek and we can’t wait to share additional details and footage with you all.    SourceProduct Page
  • New Tempe Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Released

    New Tempe Airport is situated 10km (6.6 miles) north-northwest from the Bloemfontein City Centre. The airport consists of two asphalt runways as well as two glider strips and taxi/micro-light landing strips next to the main runways. The facility offers hangars and airstrips for light to medium sized aeroplanes, helicopters, micro-lights, gyrocopters, and high-altitude gliders. The airstrip is in uncontrolled airspace and the general flying area is just a five-minute flight to the north. Due to the excellent year-round flying conditions, it is ideal for training purposes. As always, we try to go as close to the real airport as we possibly can. We have also added PBR Texturing to all the buildings! The layout in terms of runway, taxiway and hangars is accurate. AVGAS is available at the airport. All you must do is to part your aircraft next to the refuelling depo on the main apron. The dirt marks on the apron will be a good indicator where to park! Source
  • MSFS 2020 Jan 13th, 2022 Dev Update

    Do you have a question for the dev team? We have two important Q&As coming up soon, and now is the time to submit your questions. First, our monthly live Dev Q&A with Jorg, Seb, and Martial will be returning on January 26th at 10:30am PT (1830Z). Click here to upvote or ask a question! We are also excited to announce our third SDK live Dev Q&A, coming February 9th at 10:30am PT (1830Z). If you have SDK specific questions, feel free to like or comment on this thread. Have a great weekend simmers! SDK Update General As a start to a great 2022, we will soon invite you for a new live SDK Q&A, just like we did a couple of times last year. There will not be a specific topic this time, so please come with any unanswered questions you may have. We're looking forward to an interactive session. Dev Mode Metadata is now properly deleted upon a Clean Package operation. Visual Effects Editor We fixed the blur effect to make it look more realistic. No impact should be expected in your existing effects if you used our Heat FX. Aircraft Editor We just started a global revamp on the Aircraft Editor. It will constantly be kept up-to-date with the existing parameters in the sim - among other improvements to make it really useful when creating an aircraft. Source
  • AuthentiKit P-51D Mustang Flaps, Gear, Trims Pedestal

    It's finally finished after so many months of development. There's a lot of functionality packed into this one flight control unit which means it has no less than 5 input sockets in order to support. Fully articulated land gear lever with hydraulic damping for a great tactile feel Elevator trim wheel Rudder trim wheel Aileron trim wheel Flaps lever with 6 separate detent positions: 0, 10, 20,30, 40 and 50 degrees of flaps. All with adjustable friction and a mounting system to put everything in just the right place As usual it is completely to scale with just minor modifications to dimensions. The only real omission is in the air section as the hot/ram air levers are missing from this version 1. As it is to scale the most striking thing about this control is the size – as you can see below it’s a chunky piece of kit! 1:1 Sync With Real World/Sim Trim Wheel Rotation By combining this flight control with the AuthentiKit tuning app you can achieve perfect synchronisation between the movement of your trim wheel and the movement in sim. For more information about the tuning app see Highly Accurate Source CAD Apart from the air levers it is incredibly accurate, which is all down to the meticulous CAD work of AuthentiKit community member Stiggles who painstakingly created the source CAD for this project from original drawings. See our P-51D Mustang page for more information including download links –
  • Burning Blue Design Fairoaks Airport Released for MSFS

    Burning Blue Design is proud to release our latest product for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Fairoaks Airport, UK. Fairoaks Airport has been accurately recreated by Burning Blue Design’s modellers and coders with on-site visits, and features: Over 80 custom 3D objects have been created exclusively for Fairoaks airport, each with full Physical Based Rendering (PBR) textures. Based on 2022 visits to Fairoaks. Includes new "temporary" control tower adjacent to taxiway B. High resolution color corrected ground textures. Working custom Windsocks. Open hangar parking and café interiors. Two Isuzu TACR3 Fire Trucks with accurate liveries. Also included is "Firebird 3", in honor of the retired Ford F-150 which was based at Fairoaks until 2019. Dynamic scenery and lighting, which change realistically depending on the time of day and weather. Correct Tower frequency, AI pattern procedures and accurate taxiway placement. McLaren Technology Centre and Production Centre POI. Source
  • TDM Scenery Design Announces Valencia For MSFS

    We are pleased to inform you that we have officially started the development of our next major Spanish airport, LEVC Valencia for MSFS 2020. This airport is very special for TDM, it is the city of residence of our project manager and main developer, so you can be sure that it will be a realistic and very detailed airport. At the same time we are also working on the Caracas Venezuela airport - Oscar Machado Zuloaga "SVCS", the biggest and most important private and corporate aviation airport in Venezuela. Our LECO A Coruña airport is already being prepared to be sold in the Aerosoft store and the Simulator Marketplace. As usual we will be updating it as we make important advances. The LEVC and SVCS Airports still do not know where or who will sell them apart from our web site. Source
  • PMDG Updates Douglas DC-6 For MSFS 2020

    PMDG DC-6 for MSFS Update to 2.00.0025 has released via PMDG Operations Center - PMDG Simulations. With the release of any new, complex aircraft simulation, we always anticipate that there will be some issues that appear in wide release that did not present themselves during testing. Our goal with any initial release is to keep these to a minimum, but we also have a planned update cycle that allows us to sweep up loose ends and get them squared away as quickly as possible. We have just pushed the first of what we anticipate will be a few updates over the next 7-10 days based upon service reports we have received via our tech support system, our customer forum and other venues. For those new to PMDG products: We push updates to you via micro-updates that are communicated and distributed to you via the PMDG Operations Center. The OC will alert you if it detects that any of your PMDG products require an update, and it will also handle downloading and applying the update for you, verifying the file integrity and coordinating with Windows Defender (if you have this active) to ensure you receive a valid update. Source
  • IndiaFoxtEcho Dev Update On F-35C for MSFS

    We are having a lot of fun with Microsoft Flight Simulator while testing the -C variant of the F-35, which has now its first two complete liveries: VF-101 line and NAWDC "Top Gun" (that has recently received its first two jets). There is still some work to do on this variant (tailhook, weapon bays, fuel probe and crew ladder are still missing animation and textures) but it is not far from completion. Since we are speaking about the carrier the moment we are not planning to include a traditional carrier, reason being that - as far as we know, dynamic carriers are not landable - it is possible to create a static ship (and we did some work on one), but carrier ops from a static ship does not seem acceptable for us at the moment... we hoped that the Top Gun package will fix this. Also, we have been talking with Microsoft (again) to discuss the possibility of adding weapons, even if hidden or as "Easter eggs"...and the answer is no. No weapons whatsoever. We are strongly considering to differentiate the Marketplace and the non-Marketplace versions, with the Markeplace one being "pacifist" and the non-Marketplace having at least AIM-120s, AIM-9s, GBUs and gunpod (we are obviously talking about static weapons). Last, release date and price: we do not have a release date just yet. We are trying to have a reasonably complete test build in these days, but there is still some work in several areas. As for the price, final price has not been set - but it will be in line with our previous offerings: we do not believe that super-expensive add-ons are the best choice for MSFS for this kind of aircraft, and we think that we may be selling more copies with a relatively low price. Source
  • DCS Adds New Landable Ship

    As well as the substantial push to complete the Hornet's new features, we would like to mention a notable addition: Handy Wind Bulk Carrier A new civilian ship equipped with a functioning helipad for: DCS: UH-1H Huey DCS: SA342 Gazelle DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark 2 F-5E Tiger II The headwind and tailwind anomalies have now been fixed. Mission Editor AI escort aircraft not engaging targets correctly issues have been resolved DCS World We have added more realistic cockpit sounds when using weapons. The F-10 Ruler in VR and multi monitor mode has now been fixed. The SA-2 Guidance has received a necessary accuracy improvement. Also, user created ground units now shows in white in F10 view. You can expect these minor fixes and many more additions to be included in the next Open Beta 2.5.6 update planned for next week. We are incredibly optimistic about where we're heading, and we believe that the opportunities for developers and the creative community are endless, as are all the positive and meaningful benefits to our customers. Source