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As you know Wizzsim has not been updated for a while.


Basically I am getting married which has caused a great deal of stress for both myself and my partner, lets just put it this way it can only happen to us everything that can go wrong has and when I mean everything I mean our wedding planner, our cake maker, the venue, our DJ have all let us down, half the guest's cant come even though we gave a year in advanced notice. We now have just over a month too fix and sort out our wedding from complete disaster. 


Getting Married is stressful enough but when everything goes wrong so near to the wedding the stress is almost unbearable


Wizzsim will be updated in due cause but I wanted to explain why and now you know.

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X-Plane Saitek Panels FJS 727-100, 200Adv And 200F 1 X-Plane Saitek Panels FJS 727-100, 200Adv And 200F 1.0.7

X-Plane Saitek Panels FJS 727-100, 200Adv And 200F 1.0.7. This script will get all buttons, switches and silver knobs for the Saitek panels working correctly for the FJS 727-100, 200Adv and 2000F while adding twice as many extra functions at the same time. Even if you do not have any of the Saitek panels, you can use this Script to get over thirty-five useful functions using a selected FN button and keys on your keyboard. And This Script can also be used for the Honeycomb yoke or Bravo Throttle quadrant. All the functions available for the Saitek panels can also be assigned to buttons in the Honeycomb hardware or any other hardware for that matter. The script covers all the following panels: Multipanel, Radiopanel and Switchpanel. Note: I am open to suggestions for additions or changes and I will always listen if you tell me of any bugs, so please tell me if you find any! Version 1.0.7: Improvements to logging and Radio panel NAV1 and NAV2 functions using your assigned FN button for the large silver knob setting has been added or improved. And multi function panel button debounce added also. By Geoff Lohrere.

Created Saturday, 18 June 2022 23:45
(0 votes)
Downloads 0
System X-Plane 11
Size 1.06 MB

Random News

  • FSDG Announces Hesse And Thuringia Landmarks Scenery

    Flight Sim Development Group have announced that they are working on the states of Hesse and Thuringia, part of their Landmarks of Germany series. Hesse is a central German state known for forests and Wiesbaden, a Roman spa town and now the state's capital city. Across the Rhine River, in the wider cultural region of Rhine-Hesse, is the city of Mainz with its 1,000-year-old cathedral. Thuringia, officially the Free State of Thuringia, is a state of Germany. Located in central Germany, it covers 16,171 square kilometres, being the sixth smallest of the sixteen German States. It has a population of about 2.1 million. Erfurt is the state capital and largest city. Source
  • Verticalsim Updates X-Plane Scenery Tampa Int'l

    Tampa International updated to v2.1, completely revamping the terminals with new HD textures (getting them prepped for MSFS ). Not only the above, but all textures were finally converted to .dds files for better VRAM performance. This will probably be the last update for KTPA for awhile. Source
  • MSFS January 28th, 2021 - Dev Update

    Work on World Update 3 is nearly complete and we have started to integrate the photogrammetry cities into the sim. There is a bit more integration work to be done and then various data passes that need to be completed, but progress has been very good. We now anticipate that the update will be ready for you between February 9th and February 11th. Below are a few images of London in the simulator … the city is (obviously) massive and it’s going to be incredible to fly around in that environment. This World Update contains five brand-new photogrammetry cities – Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham and Bristol – nearly 80 POIs, five new meticulously hand-crafted airports (Barra, Liverpool, Land’s End, Manchester-Barton and Out Skerries), as well as visual and logical improvements to 85 more area airports, improved digital elevation data across the U.K. and a trio of new activities. Feedback Snapshot Third Party Update We are very happy to see that more and more planes are getting produced. In just the past few days, we’ve seen new announcements, updates on major airliners that are in production, and also new aircraft releases. it’s really great to see that the SDK has matured to the point where more and more teams are bringing their creations to the platform. SDK Update DevMode: We fixed several issues on the Scenery Editor: 1) crash when hiding/unhiding an airport category 2) performance issues when sorting in alphabetical order and 3) “replace model” feature when multiple objects are selected. Also, Scene list and viewport are now updated when using "Split path". We are still hard at work on the Scenery Editor. Recently, we have improved the overall performance and initiated a series of UX/UI refinements. SimConnect: We fixed flight load/save (SimConnect_FlightLoad / SimConnect_FlightSave). WebAssembly: We fixed StringFormat conversion to NanoVG alignment in GDI+ layer. Source
  • Aerosoft - The Million Polygon Ship

    Aerosoft continues to preview their upcoming North Sea Industry add-on for MSFS 2020. Over the years developers have constantly raised the level of detail and one of the objects in this scenery may have reached a new record: a single object with 1.2 million polygons: One of the most bizarre ships in our project is also one that is technically rather special. It has 1.2 million polygons! We did not know if the sim would display it and if it would be problematic in regards to frame rate. It turns out that the graphics engine of the sim is bloody amazing because there is simply no problem. Of course LODs were added to lower the load but even when you get real close the 1,243,051 polygons are smooth and we see very limited drop in frame rate. Source
  • Windsock Simulations Update On Bergamo LIME V2 XP

    We have been gone for a little while having a rest from scenery design over the holiday period, but today we would like to announce Bergamo LIME Airport V2, with our partners Tailstrike Designs. The airport includes the extended terminal, as well as extended north apron of the airport, and will include all the usual things such as SAM gates and PBR ground textures. We are entering beta this week, and hope to get the product out for you soon! Orio al Serio International Airport, branded as Milan Bergamo Airport, is the third busiest international airport in Italy. It is located in the municipal territory of Orio al Serio, 3.7 km southeast of Bergamo in Italy. The airport is 45 km (28 mi) north-east of Milan, where it operates alongside Malpensa Airport and Linate Airport, the city's other two primary airports. The airport served almost 13 million passengers in 2018. Source
  • FlightGear Announces FSWeekend Hackathon

    Since this year's FSWeekend showcase is postponed, we would like to invite interested contributors to another Virtual FSWeekend Hackathon on the weekend of November 5-7th, instead. You can read more about what a hackathon is, the setup and other details on Virtual FSweekend Hackathon 2021 - FlightGear wiki. The hackathon is not only for hard-core C++ development. You are welcome to participate if you want to sneak peek in core development or are working/want to work on related generic functionality like Addons, osm2city, visuals etc. Your willingness to contribute and socialise is the most important asset. There will be persons helping you out. After all: we are all constantly discovering how broad and diverse the FlightGear ecosystem is. If you want to sign-up, then please contact us on   If you have an idea, then please have a look at the wiki article regarding Hackathon 2021 Ideas ( But you can also joint an existing idea and help move it forward. We hope to see lots of new faces alongside the existing ones, so please take a look. Source
  • World Update IX: Italy MSFS Now Available

    World Update IX brings Italy alive for Microsoft Flight Simulator Users with enhanced, rich detail and immersive activities that will take you into the region's grandeur. You must be running Microsoft Flight Simulator version to download and install World Update IX: Italy. Fly throughout the historic cities of Rome and Venice, soar above Mediterranean coastlines, and navigate throughout sheer-faced peaks, all rendered in lifelike realism with World Update IX. The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has refined this area with the latest geospatial data available, including digital elevation modeling, aerial and satellite imagery, and triangulated irregular network (TIN) modeling of 20 cities, including Rome, Naples, Venice, and Milan. Gaya Simulations handcrafted four airports: Palermo Airport (LICJ) in Sicily, Sondrio Airport (LILO) in the southern Tyrol, Marina di Campo Airport (LIRJ) on Elba Island, and Bolanzo Airport (LIPB) in the southern Tyrol, and Orbx Simulation Systems enhanced the detail of 100 others. Gaya Simulations created 94 points of interest in Italy and 11 in Malta for World Update IX, and Perfect Flight built nine activities to grant users a wide range of immersive experiences: three bush trips, three discovery flights, and three landing challenges. World Update IX: Italy is available FREE to all owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Ensure that your simulator is updated, download World Update IX, and then lift into the sky and explore all the beauty and intrigue that Italy has to offer from above! Source
  • MSFS March 4th, 2021 Dev Update

    Next week is going to be a good one! Sim Update 3 is slated to go live, we have our Live Dev Q&A next Wednesday, and Pilot Emilie will be taking over our Twitch channel on Monday (see Twitch Schedule below). The Devs are excited to connect with you again and delve into the latest update, what's coming, and our progress on the sim. We hope you have a safe weekend and we will see you next week! SDK Update On the DevMode side: We fixed font-related issues in DevMode. In the Scenery Editor, we fixed a bug that didn't show object test radius when selected. We also added a button to remove material from polygons. We also implemented the Delete key as a way to delete individual points on polygons-based objects (like painted lines, aprons, polygons etc.). On the WASM side:   We fixed execute_calculator_code proxy and added more security to it. Source
  • Axonos Announces Palm Springs MSFS 2020

    Take a flight to the Playground of the stars! Introducing KPSP Palm Springs for MSFS 2020 coming your way on the 12th of December. End the year on a relaxing note and pre-order one of the top ten most stress free airports now to enjoy an early bird discount! Source
  • Just Flight Announces Black Square Velocity XL In Development

    Publisher Just Flight has announced that the Velocity XL being created by Black Square has now been added to their "In Development" section. Release is reported to be not far away. Black Square's home-build Velocity XL for MSFS features the top-end 400HP model, with a fully featured IFR-capable panel with every knob, switch and button functional, fully realised electrical system with every circuit breaker functioning, comprehensive Wwise 3D sound package and realistic canard aircraft flight dynamics. Other features include six paint schemes, marshaller and fuel truck, full support for MSFS visual icing effects, dimmable interior lighting, fuel management system and working ELT and Hobbs meter to track your flying hours. Source
  • JustSim Releases Stuttgart Airport for MSFS

    Stuttgart Airport (German: Flughafen Stuttgart, formerly Flughafen Stuttgart-Echterdingen) (IATA: STR, ICAO: EDDS) is the international airport of Stuttgart, the capital of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. It is christened in honor of Stuttgart's former mayor, Manfred Rommel, and is the sixth busiest airport in Germany with 11,832,634 passengers having passed through its doors in 2018. The airport is an important hub for Eurowings and features flights to several European cities and leisure destinations, as well as a long-haul service to Atlanta. Source
  • Aeroplane Heaven Halts FSX/P3D Development

    After much deliberation we have taken the decision to halt all development for FSX and P3D (all versions). It is not a decision we have taken lightly but we feel now is the time to focus on the new simulator. As a result we have also decided to make all our FSX/P3D products free to download. We have arranged with Orbx to carry the free titles. We are currently arranging with our vendors to remove the products from their inventories. This may take a little while. So, if you are considering purchasing an FSX or P3D product from us or one of our vendors, don't! Wait for Monday the 7th of February and download whatever you are after, absolutely free! Also, some good news for anybody having already bought an AH FSX or P3D product since January 21st 2022. You are entitled to a full refund from your vendor by presenting your receipt or order number. Thanks to all our valued customers who have bought from us in the past and we hope sincerely that you will continue to support us into the future. Interesting times are ahead. Source
  • Verticalsim Releases KOMA Omaha-Eppley For MSFS

    KOMA - Omaha-Eppley Airfield has now arrived for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Experience the Midwest, perfect stop location for your Coast-to-Coast flying! Full Contrail Support available via serial activation, other platforms coming soon. Features Animated passengers with full-scale interior 2022 Layout (Per Navigraph charts) HD texturing with full-scale PBR mapping Various landmarks (such as Ameritrade Park, BobKerrey Pedestrian Bridge, Omaha Correction Center) Proper AI routing, vehicle pathing, and ATC network Custom taxiway signage, ember short hold lights, guard lights, high-speed centerlines, etc. SourceProduct Page
  • Alaska Virtual Airlines Vamsys Platform

    What happens when a real world Alaska Airlines gate agent, a 737 mechanic, and a commercial rated pilot share a vision? An unforgettable virtual airline is born! Our team is a passionate and dedicated crew with a desire to continue to push one of the world's best virtual airlines to new heights. Are you ready for departure with us? Real world Alaska Air, Horizon, and Sky West routes, schedules, and aircraft. Join us at
  • Stairport Sceneries Previews Wasserkuppe For MSFS

    The gliding center on the Wasserkuppe includes the oldest gliding school in the world, a paragliding school, the German glider museum and the Wasserkuppe airfield for gliders and powered aircraft, which is used by the four resident glider clubs and the Wasserkuppe flying school. While on the eastern part of the airfield with the 670-meter asphalt track powered aircraft, motor gliders and gliders in aerotow start is the western part above the road, the so-called "World Sailor", the wind grid position of the glider. In addition, the mountain is also a popular launch site for hang gliders, paragliders and model aviators. In keeping with the tradition of the mountain, numerous gliding events and model flying competitions take place on the Wasserkuppe every year.   Source