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OK..."it's alive"...for quite some time...here is a short video to begin with (apologize for the low quality of the video...)


Flight dynamics model-to-systems integration is about to get completed, and the VSL R66 is about to start flying extensively (by real world experienced pilots), to get it into a robust, flawless R66 simulation throughout the entire flight envelope and systems operation.

In addition, it is now the point in which extensive VR tests are having a *GO* here at the 'labs...hopefully a first inflight video of cockpit view in VR will be posted by the end of the week.

As noted before, the VSKYLABS R66 has reached a point in which it is the most comprehensive VSKYLABS project up to date, making use of X-Plane's characteristics and features very deep and thoroughly, with all of the R66 on-board systems being simulated and addressed. Very exciting.

A few words regarding the R22 and the R44: projects development is pushing hard for both. All three projects are complex and there are no release schedules yet for the R22 and R44 (need to say...although seems as a *fast* progress...it is a result of weeks of preparations, followed by months of continuous development effort which will last deeper into 2020).

The R66 will be released as No.1 (release schedule is set for the R66, but it will be officially announced when time comes).

In addition there will be a built-in pause between releases, when time comes, to allow optimal project and users support for each project, especially during the first weeks out in the open. This will reduce the strain and will shorten some of the processes involved in the R44 and R22 future releases.



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VSKYLABS CTLS pilots! The VSKYLABS Flight Design CTLS Project was just updated!

Current version is now v1.15. It is a minor update - a Slip Indicator was added. The Slip Indicator is not existing in the whole-glass cockpit panels of the real CTLS, as it is having a synthetic display embedded in the glass cockpit elements.

The VSL CTLS is equipped with an improved-classic cockpit panel which has optional glass cockpit element however it was not indicating side-slip...

With this update, a physical slip indicator was installed into the cockpit, to allow side-slip indication for both the classic and the *improved* cockpit configurations.

The update was injected via the STMA autoupdater. Simply load the aircraft, let it update, and reload it so it would have effect, and you're done!

Project Page

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X-Plane Mobile version 11.0.2 is now available on the App Store and Google Play. This updates features a brand new 737 FMOD sound package and variety of bug fixes (like VNAV!).

X-Plane 737-800 FMOD Sounds

This video showcases our 737-800 FMOD sound package - now available on both the desktop and mobile versions of X-Plane.





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This release includes the last must-have feature for 2.80 - LODs. For those who haven't used LODs before, it stands for (Levels of Detail). It is a way of defining what to draw when the camera is a certain distance away from an OBJ. In XPlane2Blender we call those ranges "buckets" and put Blender Objects (meshes, lights, armatures, empties) "inside them".



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Fresh from SimCoders, is a new update to Reality Expansion Pack for X-Plane 11.

Update: REP 4.3.3 - SimCoders.com

A new update to the Reality Expansion Pack has been published to fix a set small issue and add support for new mods around.

You can download the update on the store or using the SkunkCrafts Updater.



  • Added the pitch and power settings table in the kneeboard
  • Fix: The KFC225 autopilot did not show the REV status properly

Carenado And Laminar B58

  • Added support for separated cowl flaps axis for each engine


  • Fix: the total engine hours could be not metered correctly


  • Added support for the Garmin G5 mod by AFM



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