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Ok so I am updating you all about what is going on and why, First I have to say sorry to everyone about my previous update I was not expecting to get home and find that the company that was providing my broadband to go bankrupt on the day I was expecting my internet to be up and running at my new home. This will explain why wizzsim has not been updated I am now waiting for a new provider to try and reconnect my internet and once this happens wizzsim will be the first thing to be updated. wizzsim.com is not dead I can assure you all it will be back to normal soon. My family are now settling down at our new home and things are starting to get back to normal. I will get wizzsim.com updated as soon as I can.

If you have moved home you will know what I am going through, It has been very hard work with the current covid situation which made things 10 times harder. Thank you to everyone for understanding. I dont have a time frame yet but im hoping it wont be much longer. No registration required for now.



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